that fresh start feeling

because the only thing better than having your life together is smelling like you do.

Burn Sunday Reset for the closest thing to a spa

Take a mini-moment for yourself

Candles disrupt your hormones, but they don't have to. Every one of our candles is hand-poured for you out of pure beeswax. Because you're day caused enough stress, and you deserved to be pampered

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Sunday Reset Candle

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4,000+ candles sold

Pet friendly wax

Small Business

    Sunday Reset Candle
    Sunday Reset Candle
    Sunday Reset Candle
    Sunday Reset Candle
    • Pet friendly wax

    • Small business

    • Hand Poured

    , it makes your nostrils throw a party. Then, experience the illusion of "just cleaned everything" freshness, fooling even you into believing you didn’t just shove clutter under the couch.

    How do I stop my candle from tunneling?

    Burn your candle until the melted wax reaches the entire vessel.

    We use wooden wicks to prevent your candle from tunneling because they burn warmer than cotton wicks.

    Why is your candle made from beeswax?

    Beeswax is the safest wax for you to burn for a candle.

    It occurs naturally, so you don't have to worry about secret blends in your wax.

    Because beeswax is the hardest wax, it also means you can enjoy your candle for much longer because it burns slower

    How do candles affect my hormones?

    Have you ever heard of phthalates... most people haven't

    All of our candles are natural and phthalate-free

    Phthalates negatively affect women and men.

    They act as estrogen in women, causing hormonal imbalances.

    They reduce testosterone in men.

    What's the difference between a wooden wick and a cotton wick?

    Candles should be a treat all the way down to the wick.

    We use wooden wicks to give you the same crackle as the wood in your dream fireplace...or the 4k fireplace video on your TV.

    Wooden wicks burn warmer than cotton wicks, which saves you from burning a lead-dipped wick.

    Stop wondering if you're going to waste your candle because wooden wick increase the life of a candle

    Sunday Reset

    • Fragrance

    • Wicks

    • Beeswax

    • 20 hour

    • 50 hour

    • 80 hour

    Peppermint, Eucalyptus

    Clove, Cedar

    Patchouli, Vanilla 

    You know you're not boring, so why should your candle be?

    The crackle of your wooden wick separates you and your candle from the "others"

    The lil' treat size candle is perfect for that hotel that just needs a little something or when you need that mini vacation at home