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Do Not Disturb Candle

Do Not Disturb Candle

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Light the candle and feel as if it has transported you to a sunny garden. The air carries the scents of ripe pears, tangy bergamot, and sweet peach blossoms. As the sun goes down, the warmth of amber and the gentle scent of jasmine make the room cozy and elegant. This candle has gentle scents like soft musk, vanilla, and sandalwood. They make you feel cozy, like when you're relaxing in nature during a calm evening. When you light this candle, your room will start to smell good. It will make you feel better and relaxed in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.

Note Profile:

Top: Juicy Pear, Exotic Bergamot, Floral Peach Blossom

Middle: Golden Amber, Delicate Jasmine,

Base: Earthy Musk, Smooth Vanilla, Woody Sandalwood

Available sizes

12 OZ / 340 G

Burn Time 80 Hours

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